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$4.90 Yogurt Parfait

vanilla yogurt with house-made granola & fresh fruit

$4.50 Oatmeal

with honey, berries & walnuts

$4.75 Granola Bowl

house-made granola with banana, strawberries & milk

$3.25 Breakfast Bagel

ham or turkey, swiss, mayo & mustard (add egg $2.50) (add egg white $3.00)

$3.50 Ham Croissant

Black forest ham or turkey with swiss (add egg $2.00)

$5.90 Lox

smoked salmon, red onion, tomato, caper & cucumber

$5.90 Lite Bagel

egg whites, tomato, alfalfa, avocado & swiss

egg specialties

$8.90 Soyrizo Wrap

egg, soy chorizo, mozzarella cheese & potatoes in a spinach wrap

$7.90 Quinoa Omelette

quinoa with sauteed spinach, sun dried tomatoes, onions & goat cheese